Sunday, September 8, 2013

MoFo 2013 - Day 8 - G is for Garlic from Gilroy

Gilroy, CA is known as the "Garlic Capital of the World". The city is located at the southern most end of Santa Clara county. The temperate climate is fantastic for growing garlic. There are a number of city parks and a couple of larger parks to enjoy nature. It is also a great place for golf lovers. They even have a couple of wineries!

The famous Gilroy Garlic Festival is held every July. Each year the organizers challenges chefs from all over the country and Canada to create their very best garlic recipes. Only 8 recipes are chosen from the many recipes submitted. The winners are invited to the festival to cook their recipes for the crowd. The winner walks away with the crown (of garlic of course) and 5K! The winner this year Karen Harris with her Carnival Style Fish Sticks with Lemony JalapeƱo and Spicy Kohlrabi Slaw. I may give veganizing her recipe a shot when I get back to my own kitchen. I'm going to make it my garlicky goal (oh another G word) to submit a recipes for next year's competition!

While I missed the festival this year, I did visit Gilroy a couple of days ago. OK, I have to confess, I am writing this intro pre-trip, just in case I get busy and can't post this while on the road. I'm very excited about enjoying Gilroy's mild temperatures and beautiful scenery while I am there. I plan on updating this post with all of the garlicky details and pictures upon my return.

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