Sunday, September 1, 2013

MoFo 2013 - Day 1 - The Soup...The Alphabet Soup

I'm so glad you're back to join me for another round of Vegan MoFo! Every year I lament about what I should do for my theme. This year was no exception. I try to pick a theme that people will enjoy and one that will expand my culinary knowledge as well.

This year I decided on Alphabet Soup for my theme. 26 of the 30 days will feature a different letter of the alphabet. Now originally I was thinking I would feature an ingredient that started with that letter. Then I thought I might try to use and ingredient that starts with the letter in a recipe that starts with that letter.

Then I thought, why limit myself. Like the best soup, you just throw whatever you can find in the pot and create something magical. I'm going to be using ingredients, recipes, cookbook names, restaurant names...just about any culinary term that tickles my fancy on that given day!

Together we will chop, season, mix, stir and cook up all kinds of fun. I'm really excited about learning new stuff and sharing idea all month long.

I hope you come back often and see what's in the pot. Yay MoFo!

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