Wednesday, September 11, 2013

MoFo 2013 - Day 11 - J is for Juicing

Fred agreed to guest post for today. Here he is with today's post!

 “J” is for Juice. J is a multipurposed and important letter, just like juice. It can be a meal, desert, snack, or beverage. On the stock market it would have a very good performance/expense ratio, very little time or money compared to the benefits realized. 

Most know the nutritional values of the veggies in the picture so let’s go right to some helpful tips. Put in your juice what you like, make it taste good to you. Kim usually likes green juice with a little apple and ginger. I make that first, pour a big glass for her, and then add my carrot and beet. One juicing, two juices. 

Try peeling the root veggies, especially  beets. This will make your juice sweeter and cleaner tasting. The best juicing machine is the easiest and quickest to clean, one that is hard to clean takes the fun right out of everything. In 18 years of juicing my favorite is a ‘Waring”, which is also by far one of the cheapest (under $60). I have had mine for over 8 years with no problems. 

Lastly, make your first batches easy ones like carrots and apple. Later add cucumber or celery, and then venture on to spinach or kale. Mixing one thing at a time lets you decide on portion control and what you do or don’t like. Juicing, however, will not give you fiber so it is up to you to do the balancing act with cooked and raw veggies, (too much beet will make things very unpredictable though!). 

Just think, at the very least you are drinking one of nature’s very purest forms water. Carry on “J”!

Veggies waiting for a spin in the juicer

The final product (Kim Style)

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