Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vegan MOFO - Day 1 Farina Remake

Yay! It's time for vegan MOFO (month of food). I am going to do my best to remake family favorites of my friends and family...time and submissions permitting. I've had a couple of recipes sent to me that I am excited about converting!

But today, I'm going to be selfish and go down my own memory lane. When we were kids, both of my parents worked. My mom was prone to some very serious migranes. Many times we were left to fend for ourselves food-wise. When I was very young, my older brother often would have to find ways to fill our bellies. He was a domestic terrorist to me when we were kids. I usually tried to stay away from him because he was so mean. Every so often, he would be very kind. A couple of my fondest food memories are of those times he was kind and cooked for me.

I have a very distinct memory of a big snow storm. There were drifts in our front yard. It was so early it was still dark out. We came in from the cold and my brother made us Farina. This was one of my favorite breakfasts as a kid. I totally forgot about this stuff! I bought it some time back for a test recipe. I found it in the pantry last night and just had to make it!!!

In the day, we had it with whole milk and real butter and sugar. The vegan conversion was pretty simple. I used the recipe on the box and used almond milk for the water (or milk). I put a dollop of Earth Balance on top and sprinkled it with a little sugar. It was the warm creamy comforting stuff I remembered. Oh the simple goodness brought me back to those cold wintery days of my youth. Wouldn't it be fun to go sledding? I better go call my brother.

I'll post the pic later tonight. Happy MOFO-ing!

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