Sunday, October 11, 2009

Vegan MOFO - Day 11 - San Antonio

I'm still out of town visiting my two besties from grade school in San Antonio. I don't have the cord for my camera, so no pics today. San Antonio doesn't have a whole load of vegan options, but I can work my way around a lot of menus.

Our first stop was Acenar. It's very close to our hotel and is right on the Riverwalk. We decided to start slow with drinks and appetizers. The prickly pear margaritas were very pretty and quite tasty. We were so excited to be together, they could have served us riverwater and cardboard and it would have been awesome. They offer tableside guacamole. This is a save vegan bet. We had her put extra serranos in it. OK, so it wasn't the best I've ever had, but the ambiance and the company were outstanding.

I'm feeling a little carb overload. I can probably do without chips and salsa for a couple of months after this. That seems to be one of the few vegan things on the menus here. Hee hee. We had lots of red wine last night, so I'm not feeling very inspired today. So I apologize for the boring entry. I'm hoping I will have a nice plate of grilled veggies tonight! My poor belly.

When I get back home on Tuesday, the family recipe conversions will continue! Stay tuned and have a great Sunday.

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