Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Vegan MOFO Day 14 - Chicken Fried Tofu

I've been out of town and trying to get caught up with stuff at home. I will get back to conversions very soon.

This delicious dish was originally inpired by Johnp. Fried chicken is a favorite of many of my friends and family members. This was one of my closet...or for that matter, not so closet food addictions before giving up the birdies. I loved the crispy coating, the seasoning in the breading, the finger licking goodness. The thought of it is making me drool as I'm typing.

When we were little, my parents owned a pet shop. The shop was open late on Fridays, so no dinner was made. The ritual was to order pizza from a small family owned pizza joint. I hated pizza as a kid. This same little place had incredible fried chicken. I am still trying to duplicate the spices of that stuff. When we had it at home my mom used to use a giant skillet and hand bread the chicken. I remember not so patiently waiting for the crispy goodness to hit my plate. No fried chicken dinner was worth it's weight without some creamy mashed potatoes with peppery gravy. Man this is the stuff that food dreams are made of!

Here is my tribute to crispy, greasy, deliciousness!

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  1. Mmmmm all my favourites are deep fried, creamy laden things too. This post makes me wish desperately that I could eat tofu!