Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vegan MOFO - Day 10 - An ode to Mrs Eichenberger

Mrs. Eichenberger was our lunch lady in grade school. We actually went to school in a time when lunches were actually real food made by old ladies who cared about what they cooked for the kids. We paid 4 cents for a pint of milk.

One of my favorite lunches was the "pizza burger". It was neither a pizza or a burger. In hindsight and with many years of food experience behind me, I found it was a rather crafty way to use the leftover spaghetti sauce from the lunches earlier in the week. The matrons of the school cafeteria took spaghetti sauce (probably made with some soy burger rations) and a really cheap nasty cheddar cheese that got totally crusty when broiled. OK, now when I think of this today I'm thinking, "really? That is some nasty shiitake." But in the day it was like gold.

I had some leftover spaghetti sauce from the remake of Tracey's sauce. I found some Orrowheat sandwich rounds, which seemed to me to be the perfect canvas for this remake. I slathered that sauce on the rounds, added some Daiya cheddar and plopped it under the broiler. Ah, the sweet memories of grade school took over my snobby foodie palate and made me 10 years old again. It was the best forking lunch I've had in a long time. Viva la Mrs. Eichenberger and LITH Elementary School!!!

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