Sunday, October 14, 2012

Announcing the winner of The Quick and Easy, Low-Cal Vegan Comfort Food Cookbook

Thanks for all of the comments about diets and diet foods. I agree that the whole diet food industry is laden with unhealthy ingredients and yucky tasting "food". That is what we love about the whole foods vegan diet. It is also what's to love about this book. Alicia's recipes are lower cal versions of comfort food recipes that skimp a bit on calories, but not flavor.

Today's winner is

#12 Courtney!!! Woo Hoo Congrats!!
Courtney, please contact me with your shipping information and I will make sure the book gets headed your way. vegintraining at g mail dot com.

In other news: Today I will be doing my first cooking class for Whole Foods. It is so awesome to see such great interest in vegan cooking! It's a pretty big group, so I'm a little nervous, but vegan food will make it all good.

Here is picture to make your day! Cabby, the winner of The Sexy Vegan Cookbook shared this adorable shot of her sweet Pepper. He is very serious about helping to pick out a recipe!


  1. Shucks! Missed that giveaway, was slaving away on my own post(s) and trying to get through the MoFo feed...I keep trying to remember to check you daily, Kim, but as I said, I'm getting old :-)


  2. Um...I'm confused...I just read the giveaway post, and it says it's open 'til midnight Sunday, and the winner will be announced Monday...did I miss a day somehow?!? :)

  3. Congrats Courtney!
    Thank you so much for this recipe! The store didn't have peaches, but I got my favorite almond milk ice cream and raspberries and I've gotta try this sauce on the ice cream! I might need to make some cake this week too, to drizzle it on. Cheers!

  4. oops...meant to say
    Congrats Courtney!
    And best of luck Kim on your first teaching gig! Hope to see the highlights. Cheers!

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  6. Due to my brain fart, I will do a second drawing for the book after midnight tonight. Sorry for the confusion!! But yay! Two winners!