Sunday, October 5, 2008

Vegan MOFO Day 5 - Kitchen Teamwork

Today I am pondering the beauty of a wonderful partner who is my biggest support and cheerleader in the kitchen. I may be the primary cook in our house, but Fred makes this a pleasure instead of a chore. He can wield a mean spatula when it is his turn. His spaghetti sauce is second to none! But today, I pay tribute to his undying support to me in all I do...especially cooking.

I cannot tell you how many dishes he has done in my trail of kitchen destruction. He mops up after me, brings me something to drink if I look thirsty, and shows great interest in whatever I am doing. He often calls me at work to see if I need anything prepped ahead of time. When I am working many 12 hour shifts in a row, I sometimes come home to a very lovingly made dinner. Today was a perfect example. When I got home, he had already started the roasted sweet potatoes so that we could eat a descent hour, enabling me to do my MOFO thing, watch the recorded debate I missed while on vacation, and just relax. Look at those beautiful sweet potatoes!

To me nothing is more romantic and special than sharing time together in the kitchen and sharing the joy of creating beautiful, fun, delicious meals together. The kitchen has always been and always will be a place of love and togetherness. It is wonderful to share my kitchen, home, and life with someone who is so interested in one of my major passions - cooking. I'm truly blessed to have the best teammate, lover, friend I could ever have dreamed of. It's a bonus that he can really cook...yes in all ways...too!


  1. that is the sweetest. My husband helps me sometimes but he sounds amazing. Give him extra hugs :)

  2. He is truly amazing. I got home from work/school tonight and he was cleaning the house. Wow! I kind of feel like a loser of a partner lately. I need to step up and be worthy of this man. :)