Monday, October 13, 2008

Vegan MOFO Day 13 - Stuffed Stuff

What could be better than food to a food lover you might ask? Food stuffed inside of other food of course. I'm always thinking of fun ways to stuff foods into other foods. Perhaps it is the subliminal need to be surrounded by something that makes you feel cozy and safe. Nah! It's probably just because stuffed foods are fun!

Lets start with the very basics; breads stuffed with stuff. Think of the many possibilities! Who doesn't love pitas stuffed with all sorts of goodies. Below is a picture of a pita stuffed with curried chick salad. Imagine if you will many other delights that can be stuffed into pita; falafel, veggies, hummus. Let us not forget the italian calzones. Calzones are a fun way to serve veggies and other goodies in a fun little packet. How can one forget empanadas. Oh the joys of spicy savory packets of spanish empanadas. Have you ever had an empanada made with masa flour. Oh man, sheer mouthgasm.

Pastries are also lovely stuffed with stuff. Just imagine puff pastry stuffed with a sweet carmelized fruits or a vegan marscapone drizzled with caramel or chocolate. Behold, phyllo pastry stuffed with chocolate. Simple but decadent.

Another great food to stuff are veggies. I love finding different incarnations of stuffed veggie things. Some of my favorites are stuffed portobello's, cheeze stuffed hot peppers of any variety, stuffed squash, stuffed artichokes, stuffed tomatoes, etc. There are infinite possibilities for combinations with other veggies, grains, meat analogs, nuts and fruits. I could go on all night, but again, I will let the pictures do the talking.

One great thing about certain stuffed foods is that they make great looking and impressive finger food. When I dream of developing fun, creative, finger foods, stuffed stuff always cross my mind. I'm not feeling particularly inspired to write tonight, but now I am inspired to stuff some stuff!!


  1. Yeah stuffed foods are my favourite too. It's like you're getting two for one!
    All that looks amazing! Nice photos.

  2. stuffed things always look hard to make and they usually aren't and they are damn tasty.