Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vegan MOFO Day 1 - On the Road - Montana

Fred and I are travelling in the beautiful state of Montana. We have been to a cabin in the mountians, stayed at a homestead on his sister's ranch, and just returned from a short trip to a small town called Mcleod. It was a cute place. Montanta is certainly not a vegan friendly place. The only restaurant for miles from where we stayed last night was called the Road Kill Cafe!!

His best friend picked us up at the airport and took us straight to a cool grocery store that had everything we needed. They had at least 10 different kinds of tofu. We loaded up on hummus, tofurkey snausages, lots of fresh fruit and veggies for the BBQ at his mom's place. His sister and her hubby own a ranch, so I was not sure how our choices would be recieved. His brother in law, who is a hoot, was very curious about my "sausages" and the kids all asked about our new found diet. She also asked me to send her a vegan sausage recipe when I get home. Awesome. They were wonderful.

Fred's family has been most gracious about our food choices. His sister and his mom have wonderful little gardens. They are having an unusually warm fall here, so there are still great things coming from the garden. We dined on spaghetti squash fresh from the garden, fresh tomatoes with just a bit of salt and pepper, and salad.

Last night we went to have drinks and something to eat at the Road Kill Cafe. While selections were pretty limited, we were able to get salad and some very fried veggies. The bartender and her husband own the diner. When she offered us a taste of a buffalo steaks she had just cooked up, we told her we were vegetarian. She looked at us like we had three heads. It was really funny. She was a lot of fun though. The I heard her say to her hubby "They're vegetarian, so they don't eat any meat, but they eat chicken." Hee hee.

I'll post some pics of our trip when we get back to our home. Until then.....


  1. here's to hoping the whole fam supports your choices and asks great questions to help them to the veggie course.

  2. Most of my family and friends have been really supportive and curious. I have had more than one friend say "If I could cook like this, I could be vegan." Then I tell them to buy Vcon or YRR so they can!