Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Memory Lane - PIctures from Recipe Testing HAWT!

Today is my Friday. This translates in to 12 hour work days = no kitchen time. All that I really want to do is head to the kitchen for a good creative day. But alas, this will have to wait until the morrow. I haven't posted for a few days and I am dedicated to posting more often. So today, while I don't have any new material to post, I did find lots of testing pictures.

The three books featured here today all came out this past year. I was lucky enough to be selected by the authors to be a recipe tester for all three. It seems like the testing was ages ago! Now, you might think I am biased because I was a tester. Admittedly there are always a few recipes I'm not crazy about. But honestly, I really loved so many recipes from each book, that I think they are worthy of your consideration. I am including links to Amazon to make it easy for you to find the descriptions and reviews of the books. This pictorial should give you a good sampling of some really excellent cook books you should add to your collection!

I'm going to go Alphabetical by book title in the name of fairness.

It is hard to pick a favorite from AVK. But this San Fran Seitan Wrap is right up there. The marinated seitan is TDF but add the cool Asian slaw and experience something really special.

This Chicago girl can tell you that this Chicago Style Pizza is aces. Make sure to cook it in an iron skillet for a nice texture on the crust.

Check out the All American Incrediburgers. They are eerily like the texture of the meat version. They are incredible on the grill.

While the Nut-Topped Almond and Hazelnut Bundt Cake might not be the most photogenic selection from this book, this cake is a star. The nut topping is sublime. I had a totally vegan-phobic co-worker not just eat it, but he also requested the recipe so that he could have his wife make it for him. 

Yes folks, this yeast bread challenged girl actually made these beautiful Hot Cross Buns. I still have a precarious relationship with yeast, but these turned out perfectly. This is a wonderful vegan version of an Easter classic.

I know I've posted these before, but they are so good, they deserve a double post. The Car Tire Cookies are a bit labor intensive. The results are more than worth the effort. These were by far my favorite recipe from the book.

There is a little backstory to this next pie, the Banana Pudding Pie. First off, I always LOVED banana cream pie. I thought I'd never again be able to indulge in the luscious creamy delight in a vegan version. I am so glad I was wrong. Fred and I had decided to visit Oregon. We met a bunch of the PDX PPK gang at the Bye and Bye. Here is where I was introduced to and solidified a food crush on the lovely Julie Hasson. She showed up with this pie and made my dreams come true. Besides being an awesome creator of crazy good recipe, she is as sweet as this here pie. After chatting for a while, she invited me to test for Vegan Diner. Oh happy day!

We need to get some savory in to the mix. Here is a Southwestern version of the Quinoa Burgers. Get your napkins ready and eat up!

No diner menu would be worth it's weight without a great onion ring recipe. Enter the Beer Battered All-American Onion Rings. The coating on these is crispy and perfect, leaving you with a creamy sweet onion on the inside. Pass the catsup and salt!


  1. Gosh those all look amazing!!! I love it! I think my stomach is growling as we speak!!!

  2. Wow, Kim, thanks for posting all these great looking recipes from your testing. It's always fun to see your favorites from other books. Yum!

  3. It sure brought back some tasty memories. My stomach is growling too. Can't wait to get into the kitchen and get cooking!

  4. Oh wow, so much amazing looking food! I REALLY need to get American Vegan Kitchen though because the seitan wrap & that burger look right up my street.