Saturday, November 27, 2010

MOFO - Day 27 - Black Bean Chili

Just getting in under the wire. I tested a wonderful version of Black Bean Chili from Carla Kelly's upcoming "One Pot Wonder" book. It is smoky, mushroomy and black beany. You'll have to wait for a bit, but it will be worth it. Yummy for your tummy!!


  1. Now this is mean. I love green bean chili!

  2. Green bean chili? Now there is a unique idea.

  3. I had this black bean chili at Kimmy's. It was so yummy! She also gave me a "to go" container and I got to eat it for the next two days. I absolutely loved this chili. I am a big mushroom fan and the smoke flavor added a wonderful flavor that I could not get enough of. I want this recipe for my very own!