Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baking for Boobies

As many of you know, I organize a hike to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund and the Wellness Community here in AZ called the Joanne Wood March Madness for Mammaries Hike. It is coming up very quickly on Saturday, March 13th. Each hiker has to raise $250.00 in donations to be eligible to participate. This year people are still feeling the pain of pay cuts, lost jobs, and other crap. It has made fund raising even more challenging than usual. The hikers and teams have gotten pretty creative to make donating easy and fun. Tomorrow a couple of the hikers are holding a bake sale. Coincidentally, I am now testing for a new baking book. (I will post more info on that as it becomes available). I can tell you that I've tested 6 recipes and all of them came out fantastic. Put the two together and you have a baking explosion in my kitchen.

If you haven't made you annual charitable contribution commitments yet, consider donating to our hiking team by clicking here. Yes that was a shameless plug, so sue me :)

I tried my hand at biscotti for the first time. It was fun and pretty easy to make.

The cranberry scones were quite fab too.

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  1. Kim, it's so awesome you do this. I tried to contribute earlier and the page kept freezing on me. If it doesn't work tomorrow, I'll go the old school route and mail.

    YAY for a baking explosion!