Saturday, September 6, 2014

2014 MOFO - Day 6 - This Week's Chow Locally Share Box

Holy abundance Batman! This week's box was a whopper. Thought I would give you a preview of what came in the box this week:

Bartlett Pears - They aren't ripe yet, so they won't be in the recipes for this week, but I see a walnut pear salad in our future.

Gala Apples

Medley of Summer Squash - giant pattypans, yellow and zucchini

Dried Garlic

Mixed bell peppers - I got yellow

Dried White Onions

Garlic/Onion Chives

Marconi Peppers (they look kind of like Anaheims)

I was very excited to hear from the winner of the last box. Just a reminder the next Chow Locally giveaway is Monday. Make sure to stop by and leave a comment on Monday's post WITH A WAY TO CONTACT YOU before midnight on Monday 9/8/14. I'm not really yelling, I just want to make sure I can contact the winner.

This is going to be a fun week. I already have some ideas floating around my head. Bur for today I am just going to leave you dreaming of what you would do with these gorgeous veggies. Here is some inspiration:

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