Friday, August 1, 2014

Cooking from My Cookbooks - American Vegan Kitchen

My plan was to go in alphanumeric order, but apparently I can't remember my alphabet. Hee hee. At least I'm still on the correct letter.

I am having fun digging through my cookbooks, however, I may have rekindled my cookbook obsession. I have been really good about not buying new ones…until today. I had to order two raw books for an upcoming class. I HAD to place an order for $35.00 to get free shipping. What's one more added to the collection. I'm looking forward to getting my new copy of Salad Samuri. It's a must have for the summer. Can't wait.

But today is all about an old favorite - American Vegan Kitchen. I was a lucky tester for the book and have written a couple of reviews of it here on the blog already. I've made a lot of recipes from the book; many more than once. My goal for this post was to try something new and fairly healthy all at once. The Portobello Popeye Club Sandwiches (page. 118) sounded like a winner. 

The marinade was super easy to make. The veggies only had to marinate for 15 minutes, plenty of time to whip up the pesto. I found some baby ciabatta bread at Whole Foods and made minis. Today it was actually below 100 degrees, so I didn't have to sweat like a pigaletta at the grill. The herbs in the marinade provided a subtle hint of herby goodness. The veggies are grilled until they are flavorful but still perfectly slightly crunchy giving the onions a sweet flavor. Popeye came into the 21st century as the spinach was replaced with kale. But ladies and gents, the pesto put this bad boy over the top. I highly recommend being strong to the finich when you eat your spina…oh wait. 

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