Monday, March 25, 2013

Greens for Breakfast!

Our garden just keeps exploding with greens. I'm feeling particularly blessed with the abundance and don't want to waste any of it. Two meals a day doesn't seem to be enough to use up this green bounty. I'm going to be eating them in my sleep soon. This is a healthy happy issue to have!

Today for breakfast, I decided to whip out one of my very favorite greens recipes: Dark Leafy Greens with Sesame Miso Dressing (Vegan Table, Page 37). Click here for a link to the recipe. It is a bit fussy for a greens recipe as the recipes calls for steaming then throwing the greens in an ice bath. I find if I mix the dressing ingredients and toast the sesame seeds before I start, I can eliminate this step and save washing another bowl. I also find this a tad salty as written, so I recommend eliminating the soy altogether. If you are watching your fat/calorie intake, you may consider cutting back on the sesame oil and/or sesame seeds. Today I ate this as is, but I love this on top of soba noodles with marinated baked tofu as well. It is a delicious way to get your greens.

Look at that beautiful emerald color. Mmmmmm!

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  1. mmm, delish! i love greens too - I've been enjoying them by the boatload lately! Thanks for recipe recommendation, it sounds great.