Thursday, June 3, 2010

BBQ Time

Thanks to all of those who lost their lives to keep us free! Memorial Day seems to kick off summer BBQ season (at least in my head). This Memorial Day we were lucky enough to have Fred's sister visiting from Montana. The kids came by for a dip in the pool and some great summer BBQ eats.

American Vegan Kitchen provided some key recipes for our celebration. The Incrediburgers are incredible! They look eerily like the beefy version. The texture is nice an firm. They are delicious and perfect for grilling. We also made Brat Relish from AVK. Holy mama, this stuff is like a relish form of crack. It is spicy and mustardy and fantastic. You need nothing else but this relish on any brat to make it perfection.

We also indulged on a low fat number from the upcoming Appetite for Reduction, Trattoria Pasta Salad

Snacks were abounding. Fresh fruit platter, home made guac and salsa and chips. NOM.

For dessert (from Julie Hasson's upcoming Vegan Diner) Almond Cake was the star.

Fred and Barb chillin' pool side with tomatoes freshly picked from the garden.


  1. Mmm I'm coming to eat at your place!!! And how good is that relish! It's a favourite around here. One of my kids would happily eat it straight from the bowl if I let her!

  2. I don't know why I've never discovered it before. It is the bomb!