Saturday, September 4, 2010

Taking on the Vcon Part 11 - Potato Kale Enchiladas and Giveaway Reminder

Yes I am a pain! But I want to remind all the men folk out there that you have a few more days to get in on the 2010 Men Who Cook Challenge. It is a fun way to show of your manliness. Real men cook...'nuff said? Anyhoooose. Click here to get more details and submit your entries no later then September 7th.

On to the Vcon the challenge to take on one of the most awesome vegan cookbooks you can have on your shelf Veganomicon. Our mission is simple. Show you the awesome goodness that can come out of your very own kitchen. This week I am cheating. First off, I'm almost a week late, but there are tasty reasons that  I will share later on with you fair readers. I have made these enchiladas many times with rave reviews from my family and friends. They gobble them up. The sauce is sublime, the filling...well it's very filling not to mention wonderful in texture and flavor. I always love when you can sneak in the kale without people turning their nose up...even the kiddies like this one! It takes a bit of time to put it all together, but you can save a bit of time by making the sauce up ahead of time. So worth the time and effort. This one is great for cooking for a crowd too!

This shot is from our Day Before Thanksgiving Mexican Fiesta last year.

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