Thursday, September 3, 2009

Testing Complete - American Vegan Kitchen

It is with mixed feelings that testing for this yummy book is complete. This was such a fun testing experience I am sad it is over. But I am super excited that the book will be out soon. It can be pre-ordered through Amazon, but if you can wait, please order if from once it is released. There are some classics and delicious twists on American classics. If you feel you'd miss some of your favorite foods by eating compassionately, this book will change your mind. Here are some more teaser pictures from the upcoming book.

Chickn and Dumplings

Fried Zuccini

San Fran Wrap/One of my personal favs from testing

Pizza and Lasagne


  1. VIT - everything looks so good. I am going to miss testing with you guys.

    Your Outside in Pizza Panini sounds yummy.

  2. I know. Testing was a blast. We just have to hope that Tami does another one. Until then we have FNF!!!